Tuesday, July 13, 2010

keeping myself busy...

This summer I have been keeping busy with LOTS of crafts. This is what our kitchen looks like on most days :) One day, I would love to have a craft room! Enjoy...

T-Shirt blanket from all of Matt's old tee's
A friend of our is having a baby... due September 3rd!!
Shirt for the mommy-to-be

Baby rattle from a sock, onesies, and a hooter hider...

I just knew you would all love to see the shirt modeled ;) so here i am "pregnant" ... one day!

Paintings (not of my own creativeness, but copied from ones I saw online)

Spicing up some old tee's...

** Hope you don't mind turning your head... couldn't get some of the pictures to turn, sorry!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer lovin'

This has been an interesting summer for me because for the first time since I got my driver's license, I am not working :) It has been a time of healing for my knee, crafting, and spending time with the people I love most. The highlight of my summer has been spending time with these wonderful people...
my sweet hubby sent me home to STL (while he stayed here to work and finish summer school) to spend a whole week with my family, and to top it off, these 2 sweet people flew back with me to TX for another 5 days!! it was so fun, and greatly needed!!
matching brothers :)

my BIG, little brother
I don't really like animals, but how cute are these two goats??? they were patiently waiting for a bottle at Grant's Farm :)
Deedee and cousin Madeline
I finally got to see my BEST FRIEND!! and her beautiful ring for the first time!
I love you Meg!!
(p.s. we did not plan to match... I guess it just proves we are kindred spirits :) )

Lots of time with these sweet girlies...
Back in Arlington, we met up with Phillip, Shelly, and the kids... first time to meet sweet baby Champ! He is such a cutie.
aunt lauren and uncle matt :)

This summer we have also gotten some great time with sweet friends here ...
Happy Birthday Tim!!

In early May, one of my dearest friends, Abbie, became Mrs. Will Hydel!! Abbie and I were roommates together for 2 years at MU... she is the sweetest and was the most beautiful bride! A fun weekend spent with sweet friends that we dearly miss, but we needed a little energy for the 6 hour drive home... mmmm, we love candy :)
pedicures before the BIG day
They are married! wohoo!! Love you Ab!