Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Birthday Fun :)

We had a small birthday party for Raylee's 1st Birthday, it was a lot of fun... and well, a lot of work :) We were so incredibly blessed by our sweet family and were so happy that ALL of our cousins could be there too, but I think we will follow in the footsteps of some family's I greatly admire... birthday parties every OTHER year ;) We will see what next year brings, I might change my mind. ha. 

We really are so blessed by our wonderful families and are loving being closer to cousins! I love that Raylee delights in her cousins and always has so much fun watching them all play! 

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Girl! We love you to pieces!! 

they are moving here... in like a month!!! wohoo! 
the girlies :) can't wait to see them grow up together!
cousins are the best helpers :) 

Baby Teague missed the party by 2 days!! But we were so glad to meet him!!