Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY: kitchen

our kitchen has been quite a project, but a good chance to try out a little DIY kitchen style :) we hated how there was such a wood-like look everywhere, and mixed with the horrible paint job of a-pale-yellow-over-wallpaper, we were really ready to make a change... or a few. i tell matt we are doing it in 4 phases... phase 1 and 2 are complete (yay!) and 3 is quickly approaching!
our kitchen before: wood cabinets, chopping block-ish counters, and a horribly ugly wood-like linolium. eww! we actually liked the chopping block looking counters, so those will stay to go with our relaxing, natural look...

phase 1: paint cabinets white
I have always wanted white cabinets. they look so fresh and clean. this, however, was not an easy task. It took three coats of oil based paint to get them done, and now I still need to go back to repaint hinges and maybe add some fun handles :)

phase 2: paint walls koi pan (green)
I LOVE our green kitchen! there was a bad water stain on one wall (from before we had the roof replaced) and the yellow paint job was a bad one... we could faintly see the wallpaper behind it. Its so refreshing now and so much more fun to cook in! :)

*this post is dedicated to my lovely MIL
who painted and patched up my walls for hours!
Thanks so much! You are such a blessing!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

he's a fan...

my husband loves the seattle seahawks, alot. he is a huge fan and LOVES to watch them play, watch videos about them, read blogs about his hawks, and wear pretty much anything blue and green. :) he is no fair weather fan! he's the best... and the hawks aren't doing too bad right now. First time in football history for a loosing team to make it into the playoffs and WIN! it's time to play the chicago bears... let's go get'em hawks!
college, with our sweet friend abbie
all the boys in all their seahawk gear
and, yes, even i dress up in support of the hawks :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

christmas 2010

matt and i were here (arlington) for christmas, but we were able to be home for a short bit afterwards and it was so fun. always a blessing to see our families...
missed you ange!
so cute :)
stephanie, my good friend from high school, also a bridesmaid in our wedding, with her new bf david.... so fun to meet him.
it was a full house at the waeckerle's and just us at the hunter's... we missed seeing josh, julie, phillip, shelly & kids, but we are always blessed by our families. so grateful that our Lord came to this world to save us and give us peace. thank you Jesus for peace, health, and joy! we are so blessed!