Monday, January 16, 2012

"Bound to Please"

this past week Matt and I joined my family for a trip to the British Virgin Islands... we chartered a sailboat "Bound to Please" and were out on the Sea for seven days!
about to get on the 9 passenger plane to Tortolla Island, Yikes!
the cutest 1st mate :)
matt as co-pilate on our tiny plane
Drew and Matt really did a great job sailing... they got the sails up and down every time, sometimes it was a bit scary but they did it!!
a cute little port where we stopped for water, ice, food, and gas
love my husband. love my family. loved the BVI :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas 2011

we had a sweet time in St. Louis this Christmas, and our family was sweet enough to wait on us to arrive before celebrating. We went to church Sunday morning in Arlington and then headed straight for St. Louis... we were exhausted, but so excited to be there!! We spent had a great time with family and our best friends.... the highlight of the trip was getting to meet our new nephew Britton. I didn't get any pictures with him but Julie did, so hopefully she will share them soon :)
our family Christmas morning :)
our flower girls from our wedding... all grown up!
Bent was worn out from terrorizing my parents two dogs all week... pretty sure he slept for two days straight when we got back :)