Monday, May 28, 2012

welcome, summer!

Summer has officially begun here in Texas... its not even June yet and its already so hot! Swimsuits have been dragged out, maternity shorts bought, and to make it officially summer, we took a family trip to Brusters... our fave ice cream place! Benton loves Brusters because they give him a free doggie sundae (vanilla ice cream with a dog treat on top - cute, i know!)
M and B pulling up to Brusters
The Benton waiting patiently  for his sudae

Begging for more of ours once his was gone... begging is bad, but he is so cute :) 

For the first time in a long time (like since I turned 16) I will not be working this summer... just spending time with a few of our FH girls, hoping to read a couple of books, get BH's nursery ready, taking a few trips to STL, and spending my days with this guy... who annoyingly LOVES laying on my white bedding! Ugh. Why does he love the ruffles so much?? 

Happy Summer to YOU! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the bump

my whole life i have waited patiently for a bump, and finally, i have a tiny bump! yay for Baby Hunter! M and i got to hear BH's heartbeat yesterday at our appointment with the midwives, and it was nothing short of amazing!! So awesome the way the Lord creates this little person growing inside my tummy... He is so SO good to us. Most of these pictures were taken in the evening when my bump is a bit bigger for some reason, sometimes in the morning the bump disappears, but i know that won't be the case forever :) 

 telling some of our sweet students about BH :) 
 Drew's "bump"... weird, i know. for those of you who don't know Drew, I promise he is handsome and has NO bump :) 

my dad is cooler than your dad...

My dad is an incredible craftsman. Seriously. When I was growing up he was always building something or starting a new project. He re-finished our entire basement all on his own and has built my mom some pretty great things in the past - he is the best. Really. The last time he came to visit us I had mentioned that I wanted a window seat in our kitchen... and so, sweet dad came down and did the entire thing (straight from the pinterest picture I provided :)) Doesn't it look awesome! I love it... and love that I was able to cover the seat with cushions for under $30! wohoo! Thanks dad, we LOVE our window seat! and love YOU!! 

before and after our beautiful window seat :) love how bright it makes the kitchen!