Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the bump

my whole life i have waited patiently for a bump, and finally, i have a tiny bump! yay for Baby Hunter! M and i got to hear BH's heartbeat yesterday at our appointment with the midwives, and it was nothing short of amazing!! So awesome the way the Lord creates this little person growing inside my tummy... He is so SO good to us. Most of these pictures were taken in the evening when my bump is a bit bigger for some reason, sometimes in the morning the bump disappears, but i know that won't be the case forever :) 

 telling some of our sweet students about BH :) 
 Drew's "bump"... weird, i know. for those of you who don't know Drew, I promise he is handsome and has NO bump :) 


  1. Ahhhhh LOVE the bump!!! Great pics...but think Drew has you beat in size:) Hilarious!!! Love and miss you all!!!!

  2. Sweet baby bump! Look at how beautiful you are!

  3. you are beautiful lauren, and love your cute bump!! so fun!!!!