Monday, June 27, 2011

shopper's paradise

This weekend my beautiful mom and her cousin, Suzanne, came to visit. Suzanne is an interior decorator so we all went to the Dallas Market to S.H.O.P.!!! It was an incredible place with over 13 floors of stuff for the home!! It really was a shopper's paradise ... and yet a little overwhelming. Really crazy people actually will spend LOTS of $$$$ on things for their home, things we could never afford! but, it was fun to look. We had a great time browsing and Suzanne found some great things for her clients in STL. I found some really neat, and really unique pieces... some I would love to DIY one day. That is, if I could :) but I will try ANYTHING!
ALL the floors
the first day... AH-mazed :)
luxurious bed, don't you think you would sleep better in this?? ;)
cute for a kid's bedroom
love the contrast of this blue and the white
cute, and not too hard to DIY
attempting to make these for our dining room :) - I will let you know how they turn out!
SO creative!
i am loving all the owls and little birds out this season!
again, this doesn't look to hard to DIY
a fun future project for a kids room someday?
sweetest baby cradle for a princess!
not kidding, $5800... nicole kidman's buyer just got this for nicole's house
a little weird
great idea!... an old handkerchief turned into a cute vintage vest!
bird cages with topiaries are also really in
LOVED these
cute little quote by Winston Churchill
lovig the ruffles :)
painted and bedazzled dressers... so cute
simple, yet very cute

did you get any fun ideas?? i can't wait to try some of these :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

the bone

Benton LOVES his bone...
he hides it everywhere that he can.
and typically it is not seen for a few days and then i will find it in funny places like...
my swimsuit basket
stuffed between the sofa and under a blanket
buried in a blanket (i saw him hide this one... dug up the blanket, and moved it over the bone with his nose, pretty clever little guy)
under furniture
and, beneath pillows. i have even found them in my draperies :)

here he is, i caught him in the act! so funny that afterwards he looks around like "what? i wasn't doing anything. there isn't anything under this blanket"
he is a cutie and is a GREAT source of entertainment:)

Monday, June 6, 2011

scharr wedding :)

so, the scharr wedding was amazing, to say the least... matt and i feel so honored to have been a part of such a sweet, special day. meg looked SO beautiful and i don't think i will ever forget the look on chris' face and the tears streaming down his face, as meg came down the isle. the look on my husband's face throughout the entire ceremony will be a hard one to forget as well... he just cried and cried. so sweet to see the overflow of his love for his best friend.

matt's brother, phillip, did the ceremony. it was perfect! way to go phillip, you couldn't have said anything better, it was beautiful :) really, it was a fun wedding for the whole hunter family... almost every hunter had a part in the ceremony! now, doesn't that say something about Godly friendship the way the Lord intended?? The whole family was there to celebrate a beloved brother in Christ as he wed his bride! Such a sweet weekend!

i only have a few pictures to capture the evening...
me and my man... the love of my life :)
mr. & mrs. scharr
after meg and chris were pronounced as mr. & mrs. scharr, phillip told everyone to celebrate right then... such a great idea because most of the time the celebrating goes on outside the chapel where no one else gets to participate
the beautiful bride
drew and ange :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

so much to celebrate

so much to celebrate here lately...
we traveled to STL to celebrate the coming together of our best friends, meg and chris. it was such a special time for matt and I, what could be better than his best friend marrying mine? :) The ceremony, and weekend in all, was so sweet. matt and i both cried through the entire ceremony... love you Mr. & Mrs. Scharr!!!
wow! beautiful, huh?
more pictures to come...
Benton made his first road trip and slept like this most of the time... he was a great little traveler :)
Andrea and Drew, my brother and sister, came back with us on Monday after all the wedding events... we LOVE having them in town and cannot wait for Drew to move here in the fall!
in the car, ready to be home :)
uncle drew got me a bone... and i LOVE it!! thanks uncle drew!
matt and I celebrated 3 years of marriage on monday... still can't believe the Lord blessed me with this guy! matt, you are the best! i have loved every minute of our 3 years of marriage and am so blessed to be your wife. everyday gets better, can't wait to see what this year holds for us! God has been SO good!
may 30, 2008

we were also able to spend a lot of time with family while in STL... it's such a blessing to have all of our family in one place!
hunter girls with our matching felt flowers :)

more pictures of all the celebrating to come...