Monday, June 27, 2011

shopper's paradise

This weekend my beautiful mom and her cousin, Suzanne, came to visit. Suzanne is an interior decorator so we all went to the Dallas Market to S.H.O.P.!!! It was an incredible place with over 13 floors of stuff for the home!! It really was a shopper's paradise ... and yet a little overwhelming. Really crazy people actually will spend LOTS of $$$$ on things for their home, things we could never afford! but, it was fun to look. We had a great time browsing and Suzanne found some great things for her clients in STL. I found some really neat, and really unique pieces... some I would love to DIY one day. That is, if I could :) but I will try ANYTHING!
ALL the floors
the first day... AH-mazed :)
luxurious bed, don't you think you would sleep better in this?? ;)
cute for a kid's bedroom
love the contrast of this blue and the white
cute, and not too hard to DIY
attempting to make these for our dining room :) - I will let you know how they turn out!
SO creative!
i am loving all the owls and little birds out this season!
again, this doesn't look to hard to DIY
a fun future project for a kids room someday?
sweetest baby cradle for a princess!
not kidding, $5800... nicole kidman's buyer just got this for nicole's house
a little weird
great idea!... an old handkerchief turned into a cute vintage vest!
bird cages with topiaries are also really in
LOVED these
cute little quote by Winston Churchill
lovig the ruffles :)
painted and bedazzled dressers... so cute
simple, yet very cute

did you get any fun ideas?? i can't wait to try some of these :)

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