Monday, June 6, 2011

scharr wedding :)

so, the scharr wedding was amazing, to say the least... matt and i feel so honored to have been a part of such a sweet, special day. meg looked SO beautiful and i don't think i will ever forget the look on chris' face and the tears streaming down his face, as meg came down the isle. the look on my husband's face throughout the entire ceremony will be a hard one to forget as well... he just cried and cried. so sweet to see the overflow of his love for his best friend.

matt's brother, phillip, did the ceremony. it was perfect! way to go phillip, you couldn't have said anything better, it was beautiful :) really, it was a fun wedding for the whole hunter family... almost every hunter had a part in the ceremony! now, doesn't that say something about Godly friendship the way the Lord intended?? The whole family was there to celebrate a beloved brother in Christ as he wed his bride! Such a sweet weekend!

i only have a few pictures to capture the evening...
me and my man... the love of my life :)
mr. & mrs. scharr
after meg and chris were pronounced as mr. & mrs. scharr, phillip told everyone to celebrate right then... such a great idea because most of the time the celebrating goes on outside the chapel where no one else gets to participate
the beautiful bride
drew and ange :)

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