Thursday, August 12, 2010

house hunting...

on saturday we have to either sign or re-sign our apartment lease... it has been a long decision trying to figure out if we wanted/could to buy a house. it has always been a dream, but just recently it has become a reality! we started the house hunting process the beginning of this week and are eagerly awaiting the house God has for us. after many prayers about the timing, the neighborhood, the finances, and THE house, and 3 unbelievable gifts from my parents, matt's parents, and sweet grandma Hunter ... we trust the Lord will lead us to THE one :) we made an offer on a house that needed a little TLC, but we really loved it. however, this was not God's house for us, because someone else also made an offer and got it :( so, we are back to looking. this is just the beginning of this new and, at times, terrifying process... we would appreciate any prayers, and/or advice about buying a house, we are excited and fully trusting in our all-knowing, all-providing Father! let, the hunting continue...


  1. yay yay, can't wait to hear how it all turns out. how fun! It's never easy, but always worth it!

  2. That's so exciting Lauren! It's so fun to own your own house, to do whatever you want with it! Hope you find the perfect one!!!