Friday, September 10, 2010

life lately...

life lately has been sweet, filled with fun new memories and lots of texas football! we have once again been experiencing the blessings of the Lord as we have found a house we LOVE and i just recently started a new job that i love. God is so good to us, why we ever worry is a mystery to me. thank you Lord for continuing to bless us, even though it takes me a while to learn that YOU always provide... even if it is in the eleventh hour and i am feeling a little pressed for patience and faith :) thank you for taking your time with me

the past two weekends, two of the major high schools celebrated homecoming... this was a first homecoming experience for me, and a very exciting one at that... I had the best date ever ;)

texas football is BIG... everything about it, the stadiums, the fans, the dancers, the players
we were introduced to mums... students make for their dates, similar to a corsage
some of our students... check out the HUGE mums
the next level, a Bible study matt started, has exploded! we have had 60+ students each sunday night! the FH is undergoing a lot of changes and a whole new atmosphere has been created. students are being filled with the Holy Spirit and are so on fire for the Lord!

love seeing this...
we are packing out houses, God you are GOOD

along with texas football is, of course, the seattle SEAHAWKS!! we are all ready for the new season... here is matt carefully choosing his fantasy team. starting tomorrow, hawks vs. 49ers... GO HAWKS!

next post: more detailed house/job update, but to tide you over... we found a house we LOVE and are still working out some details for a new roof (wohoo!!) we will hopefully be closing on september 24th and moving in the beginning of october!! we cannot wait to be in our new home... pictures to come :)

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