Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the new nest...

we have been busy preparing our new home... its not near finished, but we are learning balance as we try to get everything just how we want it :) its a hard thing to do when you realize its "just a house" and not anything eternal, but we are so grateful for our new nest and are thoroughly enjoying making it home. We did a major paint job (the house was basically all white-ish with some color) and have added our hodgepodge of furniture. We feel so blessed to have been given so much :) Oh how the Lord provides!!
foyer/front door
our bedroom
dining room... still in the painting process :)
guest bath before
...and after
guest bed before
... and after (we were going for grey walls, but learned that grey
is really tricky... good thing we really like blue ;) )
living area

we had ALL these students help us move-in... got it all out of the apartment, down 3 flights of stairs, and into the house in one and a half hours!!! so grateful for their help!!

my sweet brother, drew, was the first to stay the night at the new house... we (drew, peter and us) put mattresses out on the floor the night before move-in! so fun :)

more pictures to come.... we are in the process of major kitchen renovation :)

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