Monday, June 17, 2013

on the move...

well, we moved to St. Louis... the secret is out! ha. we are so thankful to be near family and I am so excited for Matt to be the new director of ZOE :) So proud of my man and all he has already done here, and so thankful to our family for making the transition easier! to our Texas family, we miss you and love you! But, we are excited to see you when we visit! 

The Lord has really been showing me more and more about his steadfast love... "the Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever." Ps. 138:8 Clinging to this promise lately... HE is the ONLY one to fulfill his purposes for me! I am so thankful of his steadfast love!! 

our life in pictures :) 
mothers day :) 
Raylee Joy and her texas friends... and maybe future hubby?!?!
our sweet small group!
yay! Emma and Kate! 


hippie daddy!! 
6 months in May!

going back to MU and the room where we met... 5 year wedding anniversary trip!

Raylee Joy, not so sure of her food! :)

we got to go to ZOE camp with daddy!!
7 months!
fathers day! he is the best daddy ever!!

we spend our last 20 days in Texas with the Dukes!! it was the BEST!!

so blessed by them!

miss our besties!!

texas bluebonnets!!


  1. LAUREN!!!!! Beautiful pics!!!! U & Raylee could win mother/daughter contests!!! love the pics & u all!!!

  2. Oh man, this post made me so happy and so (mostly) sad all at once. LOVE the pics of our kids together, but really love the one of Matt rockin' the Maya! :)