Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raylee Joy is ONE :)

Our sweet girl will be one in just a few days! I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. We are incredibly blessed with a happy, smiley, full of JOY baby girl! Thank you Jesus for your blessing! Raylee has been such a trouper over the last six months... a big move, living in multiple locations, not being settled, fun trips with ZOE, and much more! There has been lots of change, but she keeps a smile on our faces. We are so, so thankful!! We love you baby, happy first birthday!! 

At one year old, Sweet Raylee, you are loving Daddy! You cry every time he leaves and when he holds you, you cling to his shirt. It makes mommy smile! You are still loving mommy's milk and not too interested in food. However, we are slowly trying more and more, and I think we are making progress :) You still love music, and have recently fallen in love with a particular blanket. Mommy is so happy... she knows how special a blankie can be :) You love being with your cousins and visiting your grandparents. You are a joy to everyone you are around!!

Our sweet friend, Kateland, took these sweet pictures. These are some of my favorites! 

.... And, Miss Raylee Joy has an announcement to make .... 

we are all thrilled to announce that we will be a family of FOUR this April :) 
Thank you for praying for us as we prepare our hearts and home for another baby!

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  1. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO MEET COUSIN #9!!!!! Raylee you are such a joy to us & extremely adorable:)!!! Those beautiful pictures make us smile:)!!! We love you & know you are going to make an incredible big sis!!!!