Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Lately

I found my camera cord! I can finally post all the picture I have been dying to post. :) So much has happened I don't really know where to begin, but I will start with what has been going on lately with us!!
A New Home
Matt and I have officially lived in Texas for 3 weeks! I can hardly believe that we are here and that this is going to be life for a while. We both still kind of feel like we are on vacation... it just hasn't settled in yet that this is home. We are living with an awesome family, the Alexanders, and loving every single minute of it. They are the sweetest family and have been such a blessing to us. They have been the answer to many prayers and have loved us as if we were family from the second we walked through their door. I don't know what we would do without them... well actually we would be friendless, very lonely, lost most of the time, and hating Texas. But, because of them, we now have family here in our new home, are being blessed out of our minds, and are loving Texas because of the sweet families that have welcomed us. Alexanders, you are a blessing! Thank you for all you have done for us!!

Matt and I driving to Texas. We saw 79 Texas flags from the time we entered the state of Texas until we got to the Alexander's house! We were amazed! :)
Us with Izzy on her 8th birthday!

Matt and Abe chillin' on the couch... doesn't that smile just melt your heart??

The whole Alexander clan... Hill, Moody, Emily, Abe, Izzy,
Avery, and Wick (from left to right) Check our their

Us at our new favorite frozen yogurt place...Pure Bliss!
The girls and I playing solitaire on the computer...
we are definitely addicted :)

The school room

Matt on his way to class and me getting ready to teach

Texas Rangers Game

Matt and I have also gotten to spend some time with some sweet friends from kamp... Kelly and Drew. We went to a Rangers game with them and had a blast! I have to say that I felt a little guilty singing the Rangers ballgame song and not routing for the Cards. :( Kelly is going to school at TCU and is just the sweetest, most encouraging friend... I am so blessed to know her!

The ballpark
Drew, Kelly, me, and Matt

Kanakuk Family Kamps - K-Kauai

Matt and I spent our summer at Kanakuk's family kamp. It is a wonderful place for families to go to kamp together and enjoy fellowship with one another. It sounds like an odd dynamic of having the whole family together at kamp, but it was awesome. The kamp is more like a resort and there are so many great things for families to do together. There is boating, a ropes course, a water park, a pool, fun activities planned by the staff... its a great place for fellowship. Matt and I were privellaged to be working at this great kamp. Matt was head of the Kanaka program (Kamp's high school volunteer program), was the men's staff personnel, and also had the chance to use his great talents of making others laugh till they cry and being creative by being in many of the skits. I was working in the Ala Moana, kamp's nursery for babies 0-4 years old. I of course loved every single second of it... what could be better than holding a sweet baby or playing with a hysterical 4 year old?? It was a great time to be serving the Lord and families together. This was also were we met the Alexanders, the Saxons, and the Turners... all great families here in Texas! The Lord showed himself to be our provider this summer. I was so challenged at kamp to live outside my comfort zone and be a servant all day long. And it was hard some days! I definately saw my sin and selfishness more than I have before... so much of me, me, me and not enough of Him. It was such a great place to be. How good it is to be walking in his will! Check out K-Kauai, it is a great place for families. Your kids will be encouraged by the awesome staff and your family will grow in fellowship with eachother and the Lord!

The little yellow house we lived in all summer (we lived in the back upper room)

The Cunninghams (K-Kauai directors) Will, Cindy, and Wes. I just fell in love with this sweet family who has been dear to Matt's heart for years. It was so much fun to get to know them better and spend every 2-4 with them. Cunninghams, you are the greatest!! (Peter we wish you were with us in this picture)

Us on Neon night

My attempt to look like a pirate... I look more like a gypsy. Oh well

Matt with the other pirates during pirate story hour... he is the one inthe gold jacket. Black Beard.

Us at a sweet tea room in Branson, the Sugar Leaf

Celebrating Wes's 22nd Birthday!! The Cunninghams with their "plus 1" son Matt :)

Anniversary and Weddings

This summer Matt and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. It was such a sweet time for us. We were at Kamp and I wasn't expecting anything really great to happen because we were in Branson. But, I shouldn't have underestimated my sweet, thoughful, creative hubby. He surprised me and took me to a great dinner at Big Cedar Lodge for dinner. At kamp we were brought out cookies that said "his and hers" and then our sweet friend Abby brought us breakfast in bed! What a treat!! :) It was a wonderful day. Matt, I love you baby! Thanks for always making sure I feel loved and cherished by you.
This summer we also had many friends get married. To the Auckers, Schirmers, Les and Walters, Congrats! We wish we could have been their to celebrate. But we were able to make it to my cousin's wedding. It was a great time to see our family, however left a mess! I was crying the whole time :) It is so hard to leave so many people you love!!

Us with my family at Abby's wedding.

My sister, Andrea

Matt and I stopped at our favorite place, Starbucks on the way home from the wedding... we didn't get back until after 1 am and were exhausted!!

Us at the Loop in St. Louis before the reception

Our anniversary at the Lodge

the restaurant


  1. love the pictures, your hair is so short! very cute. glad to see your summer in more detail. love and miss you guys

  2. You guys are like family! We are so blessed to have you both here. :)