Friday, September 18, 2009

my husband, my hero

When I was a little girl, I used to tell my dad that when I got older and got married, I wanted to marry someone who could make me laugh, could serinade me, and was just like my daddy! And now, I am convinced I have the sweetest hubby around... he is so sweet to me, so much fun, and so thoughtful. With Matt I am constantly laughing and have found someone who has a heart like my daddy's, to love the Lord and his family with all he has ... I even get serinaded once in a while :) We have been married for about 16 months :) and I have loved every single moment of it!! I still get those butterflies when I know he is coming home from school, and I get so excited to see him. My top ten list from the last year:
1. listening to him pationately talk about the Lord and his desire to know Him, and watching as he continues to be molded into the man of God the Lord has made him to be
2. taking naps
3. snuggling up in bed, eating ice cream and renting a movie
4. listening to all his accents (Borris the German, Randy the Nerd, William the Englishman, Scotty from Scotland, Johnny the New Yorker... there are too many to mention!)
5. watching him play basketball
6. dreaming together of our future... and babies to come :)
7. making him laugh
8. long car rides
9. going on walks
10. listening to him play the guitar
I am so thankful to have more than a husband in Matt, but a best friend. Everyday I am in awe at the blessing I am able to take part in because I have joined in this partnership with him. The Lord is so good to me, he knows all my needs and has poured out his blessing on me over and over again. He even listened to my requests from long ago. What a good God we serve!

Matt being lifted up after making a shot in K-Kauai's basketball gym... it was like he had made the game winning shot for some championship!

Matt dressed as a pirate from this summer... one of his many alter-egosThis is where I find Matt on most days... studying dilligently
This is a video of Matt from kamp this summer... just a taste of what I get everyday :)
Matt's parents came to Texas to join us for the week. It was a ton of fun and so good to see them. Everyday Matt's dad went to class with him (they were at Southwestern 35 years ago!) Matt's mom and I had a great time too... she helped me with school and we got to go shopping.

Dinner the first night

Matt and his dad

Matt's mom and I cooked dinner for the Alexanders and all the kids helped... it was a Hunter family favorite - Lasagna!!

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