Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Moments

" ...'Test me in this,' says the Lord Almighty, 'and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.' "
Malachi 3:10
The Lord has been so good to us! He has shown himself once again to be our loving Father in heaven, our provider, our Jehovah Jirah. A God who looks on with understanding and grace, waiting to bless us. Lord, thank you for your many blessings! There is nothing we can do, but stand in awe saying "Thank you Father, bless your holy name!"

Matt and I met Kurt and his wife, Lauren, in Waco, Texas. Kurt and Matt were kampers and couselors together at Kanakuk growing up, both married Lauren's, both persuing a life in ministry, and now are both living in Texas. So fun to finally meet them.

Sic'em Bears! This one is for you Emily. :)

I have been spending a lot of time sewing. I love my sewing machine, and especially love taking old things and making them fun and new... like this bubble skirt. Even if I only wear it once, it was fun to experiment!
I also made some onsies for a friend. Again, just another experiment with something I thought could either turn out cute, or a total disaster.
I took all the kids, including Abe, to get pumpkins! It was a lot of fun to help the kids pick out and carve their pumpkins, and this will mark the first time I was asked "are they all yours??" by the sales clerk. "Yes, ma'am. All 5 are mine, including the 13 year old... and can you believe it that I'm only 22!" Looking forward to the day when I can answer, yes, all mine!

A very sweet family, the Turners, have given us this truck to use until we get another car. Again, the Lord shows himself as Jehovah Jirah! They found out that we only had one car and gave us this one for the time being. The timing could not be more perfect, we are about to move and will definately be needing a second car. Thank you, Thank you Turners! You are a blessing!
Matt is clearly a good 'ole boy, trucker at heart. We'll call him Big Tex from now on :)

The long anticipated arrival of our sweetest friends Megan and Chris! Wohoo! Here they are arriving at the airport in Dallas. Such a joyous sight to see them walking towards us with big smiles!!

Of course we had to take them to our favorite place, Pure Bliss.

Showing them around Southwestern, where Matt is in school.

We thought we would re-enact some engagement pictures.
And now for the married photo shoot... Gotta love my hot hubby.

Typical thumbs up pose
The sweetest couple... love you guys

Matt loves these pictures... can you guess why?? Let's see, they all involve football, his best friends, me, and the Seattle Seahawks... what's not to love, right??
Nothing like a muddy game of flag football in the dark
Every Sunday, we are at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching the Seahawks play, this Sunday we took the kids. The boys are always so sweet to get so pumped for the Seahawks, win or loose.
I know, we may ave gone a little overboard on the pictures, but before this trip we had ZERO of the four of us. (Notice again, the thumbs up from Matt and Chris, nice boys. :) )
We love you guys and are so glad you came to visit us.

And now, for the debut of the.... Magnepull Man!!
For those of you who didn't know, I married a model. Yep, the Magnepull Man. He is being featured in their next published sales bulletin. Here he is showing you how to "drag" the magnepull. Check out the website, its a pretty cool gadget. And, hey, you may even see the next photo of Matt. :)
We have been so blessed! We move into our apartment on Friday!! More to come!


  1. Such a fun post and so sweet that we were got to witness so many of those moments! We are sad that our time having you guys here, in our home, has come to an end, but wait with excitement to see all the Lord has for you!

    Love you guys more than you know!

  2. So glad that God has allowed our lives to intersect. You are so sweet and know you have blessed the kids SO much!!