Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cotton, oil diggers, and windmills...

This weekend Matt and I went to Lubbock, Texas. While we were working at K-Kauai this summer Matt had the opportunity to speak during the weekly chapel. He did a great job and many families asked if he would be interested in speaking at their church or youth group. This was one of these great, God-planned speaking opportunities. A youth group was having a D-Now event and asked Matt to be the speaker. It was a great excuse for us to get away for the weekend and a great opportunity for Matt! On the way, we were amazed at all the things we saw on the side of the highway. Most of the time we were literally in the middle of nowhere, but it was fun for us to see things we had never seen before. :) Matt did a fantastic job speaking. The Lord really used him and spoke through him to work in the lives of high school students. He is great at speaking the Word and allowing the Lord to work in their lives. Best quote from the whole weekend to kind of sum up how he did (coming from an 8th grade boy) "Man! You really out did yourself... tonight was WAYYY funnier than last night!!"
D-Now, Lubbock, TX
the cows... we stopped to see them, but they were afraid of us. who knew cows were afraid of random people stopping on the side of the highway??

oil-diggers... for lack of the correct term

matt's favorite, the windmills

we also blew a tire on the way :(

but, dont worry... matt fixed it and we were off again!!

the whole time we were driving, I was dying to pick some cotton... and thanks to our flat tire, I got to pick some!

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  1. ahh! my sweet brown Lubbock how I've missed you! Those windmills were installed while I was in college (aren't they cool!) and the oil RIGS are just something I grew up with. Crazy how you forget about them living here in STL. Glad you had fun and the Lord moved there. What church were you at? Fight raiders fight, Fight raiders right, fight for the school you love so dearly...