Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are here!! Matt and I arrived in St. Louis on Saturday morning and have been so blessed to spend the whole week with our families. It has been such a blast and so refreshing to be here with everyone we love!! But, the week is going by too fast. Here is what we have been upto so far...

Our sweet nieces, Avery and Atley, and our nephew Canon... And another one on the way!
Matt's brothers and wives - Josh with Atley, Us, Shelly, Canon, Phillip, Julie and Avery

Aunt Julie and Uncle Josh
All bundled up for our walk to Starbucks!

Every year the boys from ZOE challenge the Hunter men for a game of football... this year it poured the whole time and was freezing ... but, it was a HUNTER VICTORY! Wohoo!!

Matt was all geared up in ALL his Seahawk stuff
warmin' up the arm :) ... this is very serious stuff

Phillip, Chris, Dad Hunter, Matt, and Josh
The next day... more FOOTBALL :)
Ethan (my sis's bf ) and Drew, my brother

We are so thankful to be here!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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