Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY Copy Cat

I was checking out my sweet sister-in-love's (Shelly) blog to see more pictures of my new nephew Champ (you should go check him out, he's pretty darn cute ;) ) and stumbled upon one of her friend's blogs. I was looking through her pictures and found a really cute DIY project with ruffles... so I decided to try it out on this grey dress.
This is the dress before, I got a little excited to start sewing and forgot to take a before pic :)
... and after with new pink ruffles. Chic and more modest!!
Matching headband :)

Super easy, super fun, super cheap project

1 comment:

  1. betsy would be so proud. love this!
    i just got a dress like the one she posted about in the mail! she made one for me, I can't wait to wear it! so fun.
    way to go :)