Saturday, April 24, 2010

weekends :)

I have the sweetest husband any girl could ask for :) This weekend, he totally blessed me in so many ways, and made me feel so loved. I started my summer job this Friday afternoon, but I was totally surprised to come home and find the apartment totally deep cleaned! Matt cleaned everything and made the apartment sparkle! He is the greatest. We started out the weekend with dinner Friday night at Abuelo's... mexican is my absolute favorite and matt always lets me choose mexican even though it is not his favorite.
On Saturday we slept in late and then Matt surprised me and took me to the Bluebonnet Trails Festival. The bluebonnet is Texas' state flower and I had never seen one up-close. Apparently this has been Texas' best bluebonnet season and they are really beautiful!
The fields were just colored with beautiful bluebonnets and another red flower

This was part of the trail... it was like an hour and half drive with bluebonnets and other wild flowers on both sides. We loved this part of the drive because it was like we were in a tunnel of trees :)
Thank you Lord for making your Creation beautiful!

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