Wednesday, March 23, 2011


today i turned 24.
i don't really feel any older, but feel extremely blessed :)
my sweet husband gave me 24 notes, starting at 12 am and one for each hour after that... each with a quality about me that he loves and a little note. even though i wasn't with him throughout the day, i felt so loved by him each hour as i opened another sweet note.
did i mention that i am blessed?? ;)
thank you for making me feel so loved every day matt, you are the best. i couldn't have dreamed of a sweeter husband! i love you baby.
celebrating at dinner a day early...
having fun with photo booth with our 'little family'...
yeah, i know. we are weird.
i think 24 is going to be a good year...

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  1. Lauren! Your craft projects are amazing!!!! I mean they don't look homemade at all! I would have thoguht you bought them somewhere! Wow! You are so talented and have an eye for that!! We missed you all soo much this past week and thought of you lots! Much Love!