Wednesday, March 23, 2011

visitors ...

this spring break we had three fun visitors.... Drew and Will & Cindy Cunningham :)
So fun to have people you love in town!
Matt met the Cunningham's at Kanakuk while in high school... he had the privilege of 'kid-sitting' their two boys, Peter and Wes, for a few summers while they directed one of the kamps. Every summer they had a friendly competition of "beat your kid-sitter day" where all day long it was them versus matt in multiple competitions (all in good fun, i promise. the cunningham's are nothing but fun!) well, this year matt had a little extra help...
Team Cunningham
Team Hunter + Drew
The day was full of fun competition...
the many faces of "puck off"... our favorite game
my very athletic hubby making a winning shot for our team :)
guitar hero... ROCK ON!
Congratulations Team Cunningham...
winners of the 1st annual Cunningham vs. Hunter competitions!!

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