Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rimstone Ranch

This past weekend we joined our small group at Brooke & Josh's Ranch! This was a real Texas experience for M and I :) Of course, we were totally unprepared, we don't own boots and M didn't bring any jeans! It was pretty fun to see him out and about with nikes, basketball shorts, and a dri-fit :) i love him!
We had so much fun at RS Ranch... it was a weekend of fellowship and relaxation!! So fun!
Matt, Tim & cutest Ben about to tour the property on the Mule
Pretty Meagan and baby Ben
M trying to keep the cattle from coming to close to the Mule... funny!
love my nike wearing hubby!!
M & Josh grilling us a delish dinner!
check our M in his Ranch get-up... snake boots (hiding camo socks) a nerf gun, and later he added an awesome hat :)

Thanks Brooks & Josh! We had such a great time! Thank you for a weekend of relaxing and for showering us with all kinds of RS apparel ;) Y'all are a blessing!!

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