Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am allergic to yeast, so pasta (and all the rest of the yummy-not-so-good-for-you foods on the food pyramid) don't really work for me. My mom is always telling me to eat rice instead, and many recipes call for rice instead of pasta when looking for a "healthier" option. I hate rice, and personally, I think it is just another empty carb that just adds more calories to your meal. BUT, last night I made stir-fry with a bunch of yummy veggies and chicken for matt, so rice is a kind of needed ingredient. Every time I make rice, it turns out runny and mushy. I try so hard too, I even bought organic brown rice hoping it would taste and cook better... I thought I would out-smart the rice and cook it with less water and for longer (the package says this is supposed to work for firmer rice). Well, I guess I got what I wanted. I definately got FIRM rice.
Look what the rice did to my pot!! I am officially done with cooking rice.
Any ideas on how to clean my pot??


  1. Sweet Lauren,

    I have two things to suggest:
    1) Boil water mixed with a little dish soap in the pot, then use a scraper (they come with Pampered Chef stoneware) to scrape the gunk out, then use a Brillo pad.

    2) Success Boil-in-Bag Rice. They have brown and white. It's the only kind I use. Never fails.

    Don't give up on rice, it's good for you. Miss you both very much!


  2. If your pot hasn't come clean yet...soak over night with a few dryer sheets, and use a brush the next day. I have burned the bottom of many pans and this always works :)

    Lauren from Atlanta

    P.S. I agree, boil-in-a bag brown rice is our favorite :)