Friday, February 12, 2010

i heart crafts

I love to be crafty - sewing, painting, and any do-it-yourself project. I never seem to like the same things for very long, so I am always changing things around. When I was a little girl, I would rearrange the furniture in my room a dozen times each year... I probably drove my parents crazy. Sorry mom and dad :) So, now that we have our own little love nest, I have been doing some changing. This is our sofa... it actually was my parents sofa when they first got married. This sofa will be 26 years old this August and has seen a lot of love. It was originally an awful brown zebra print (no offense mom), then my parents changed it to denim. When we got it, we changed it to black and white.... I went through a wierd "everything has to be black and white" stage during our first year - not so warm and inviting. So, I have now changed this lovely sofa once again. Added some pillows, covered it with cream and through in some fun patterned pillows... hoping to get more fun fabrics soon!

black and white to...

cream and blue!

(hoping to add touches of green and maybe brown... can I do that with a black frame??)
The patterned pillow is actually a scarf... a great idea I got from a DIY magazine
I monogrammed (actually just iron-on :) ) our shower curtain
I had a random canvas, so I had some fun! :)

If you are like me and love to experiment with your love nest, you should check out my new favorite website: They are a sweet young married couple, expecting their first baby, and loving to decorate their new home enexpensively and with original DIY ideas!! Check them out and you will get some great ideas!!

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  1. love the blue and white!! very cute! thanks for the website too!