Friday, May 21, 2010

update :)

"Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek in you" Ps. 9:10

This was my meditation and prayer all day long on Thursday, and just as He promised, He never left my side. I was surprised to have the surgery go so well and not be as terribly awful as I was expecting. I first got to the surgery center and put on this lovely gown and "party hat." Next, I was hooked up to some monitors and then the IV was started. I was really nervous about the IV, but it was not bad at all! I talked with some nurses, my anesthesiologist and matt while I waited for surgery. I felt truly blessed to have both a Christian doctor and anesthesiologist.... even more blessed to find that after the anesthesiologist had given me my anesthesia, he prayed over me with Matt and also quoted scripture to me to comfort me. The whole time I was thanking him after he said, "Well, you know where the real credit is due." and would not take any credit, only giving it all to Jesus! PTL! What a blessing and answer to prayer! I apparently told him, while being partially out, that I was meditating on scripture too and told him all of Ps. 9:10... I was very impressed with myself because I don't remember a thing!! ha. But, like he later told me, God gives us all we need for the moment and in that moment I needed to know that verse (even if I didn't know I was saying it at the time!).
The surgery was about 2 hours long and the doctor came to get Matt. He said everything went perfectly! Once he got in there he saw that my meniscus didn't even need to be touched and that my ACL was only 80% torn!! This was awesome to hear, because before he was thinking that the ACL was totally torn in two and the meniscus would need to be taken out completely (something about it not being able to get blood circulation once damaged). The Lord was doing his mighty healing on my knee just like we prayed! All in all, a great first time surgery experience! ... although, I don't plan on going through this again anytime soon!

I have been at home since Thursday evening and I am feeling great. A little sore on my knee now that my femur nerve block (numbing of total left leg) has worn off, but feeling great still. My leg is in a machine for 8 hours per day that bends it a certain amount of degrees each day. I am still only at 35 degrees, but have to get to 90! Pray that it doesn't get too painful!!

Matt is doing a great job of taking care of me and waiting on me hand and foot! He is so good to me!! Thanks baby! Mom comes tomorrow night. This will be a good break for Matt so he can get some rest! It seems I am quite the patient ;)

Thanks again for all your prayers and keep'em coming!

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