Thursday, March 25, 2010

"eat my powder!!"

We are finally home... it feels great to be back :)

We had an unbelievable time in Silverthorne, Colorado with my family. Silverthorne is a really sweet town and is a great central location between the mountains. We were so lucky to be able to ski Copper, Keystone, and Breckenridge. It was so much fun! This was Matt's first time to ski, so I was a little nervous about how he would like it. But, he did AMAZING and I was so proud of him. By the end of the first day he was going straight down the mountain!! The whole time screaming "eat my powder!!" Way to go baby! Matt and I joke that my parents are "world travelers" because they LOVE to travel, so it was fun to be with them because they do vacations really well. :) It was such a sweet time to be with my family and so fun to see Drew and Matt bond more as brothers. Here are a few pictures from our trip (sorry about the long line of pics, I don't know how to make a slideshow... if you can teach me, leave it in the comments section. Thanks!)

It was really hard to leave because of this...
and this...
welcome to silverthorne, colorado :)
matt on the plane showing how excited he is to ski for the first time!!
one day we walked around the historic town of Leadville... we couldn't miss the MU basketball game, so we stopped for lunch in the historic Leadville Tavern. Most of the furniture was transported by covered wagon in the 1800's from St. Louis!! Whoop, whoop.
getting ready for our first day out on the slopes!
it was really cold our first 2 days
this is how matt came down the mountain... crouched position and straight down!

matt said he wanted to come back and ski ASAP, so he bought me a really cute ski coat as the "down payment" :) He is so good to me.
This is where I sat the 3rd day :( Luckily it was beautiful and sunny
we also celebrated my 23rd birthday... it was so great to be with my parents, drew, and matt. Matt got me an ice cream cake...Mmmm!
drew and matt, sad to leave
someone's cute dog in their shop
the reason we were stuck in Denver for 24hrs.
matt relaxing on our hotel bed after a long 6 hrs. at the airport

it was so great... we hope to go back soon!!

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