Wednesday, March 31, 2010

health conscience??

Lately, well really since Matt and I got married in 2008, I have been wanting to learn about being more health conscience. Just a little background for some of you... In 2005 I found out I was allergic to yeast. This is more typically known as a candida allergy. This cuts out pretty much most grains, which are not all bad for our bodies. So, with this allergy I am always looking for alternatives and things that can improve my health. Along with this, during the years of 2005 to 2008 both of my parents have gotten -- and beat, wohoo!! -- cancer. My mom battled with breast cancer in 2005, my dad had a rare stomach cancer in 2007 and then prostate cancer in 2008. Let's just say it was a wild, crazy, scary time for our family, but a time when we were thrown into the arms of the true Healer, our loving Heavenly Father. It was crazy to me to think that my parents battled with cancer, because both of them were generally healthy and in good health.... so, I often ask myself, was it what we ate?? Now, we didn't eat unhealthy, but to look at all the preservatives and plastics and toxins that were being consumed through our food or that our food was being stored in was scary. So, I have been very interested in trying to be more healthy and going back to just the natural things before their were preservatives and plastic :)

In the past week I have learned about two things that I am very excited about... Quinoa and Brown Algae.


This is Quinoa (pronounced "keenwah"). It is known as the "super grain," but is actually not a grain. Quinoa is a seed related to the spinach family. It is a great replacement for the candida diet (great for me :) ) and other grain allergies. Quinoa is easy to digest and high in protein and fiber. Quinoa tastes a little like rice, but is a bit softer. There are many quinoa recipes, but I am excited to use it as a rice substitute, or just to eat plain :)

Here are a few of its benefits:

- contains all 9 essential amino acids that build muscle

- contains high values of magnesium with relaxes the muscles and blood vessels

- contains high levels of fiber

- contains manganese and copper that act as anti-oxidants


This is Kombu, better known as dried brown algae. Kombu is a sea vegetable (kelp) that helps eliminate our bodies of dangerous toxins. It also reduces symptoms of hypertension, gout, asthma, eczema, and rheumatism. (I was particularly interested in this product because I have Raynaud's Syndrome which is a phenomenon having to do with low blood circulation in the fingers and toes. It can also later turn into Lupus, rheumatism, and other diseases, so I am always trying to keep my eye on it. :) ) Kombu can also help inhibit breast cancer, which is also of particular interest to me because of my mom. Basically to use the Kombu you throw the dried rods into a pot of boiling water when cooking things like rice or noodles, and the food absorbs all the nutrients. Throw out the rods after and eat the noodles or rice :)

I hope that this encourages you to try either Kombu or Quinoa. Even though these things may taste "healthy" I really believe that you can acquire a taste for them. If it is good for you, why not try it!! :) More recipes and information can be found here for Kombu and Quinoa.

Now, just how to get my sweet husband to eat these???

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