Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This spring break matt and I were very blessed to be able to travel to Silverthorne, Colorado with my sweet family. We had a blast skiing, relaxing and just being grateful for the time with my parents and brother Drew (Andrea was on a missions trip to the Bahamas). More to come on the trip and pictures...

BUT, at this moment, we are still in Denver and stranded at a hotel. We arrived at the Denver Int. Airport yesterday at 3:30 and stayed for just about 6 hours. We got to our gate and waited while our plane circled outside for about 45 minutes until it was safe for it to pull in. Then, we were informed the plane was being checked because it was struck by lightening during its previous flight and may not be suitable to fly. An hour and a half later, we are informed the plane is not suitable for flying and we waited for another plane... meanwhile, the snow keeps falling harder. While waiting, the current plane is being covered first with freezing rain and then snow. De-icers not working. All flights cancelled. Then starts the mad-dash of all passengers (all in fact very angry and frustrated) to rebook a flight and find a hotel, many of which are full for the night. Result= 5000 people sleeping in the airport.

I am grateful we got a flight and we were one of the lucky ones to get a hotel for the evening... however, the shuttle ride to the hotel was anything but a party bus. Nothing like riding about 40 minutes crammed into a bus of cold, tired, angry people :) Did I mention that I hurt my knee skiing (getting a doctor's opinion on Thursday) so I spent all 6 hours in a wheel chair, being pushed around by my sweet husband?? Yes, it was quite an evening. :)

Around 6:00 pm the man at the airport told us he was sure we would be getting out of Denver that evening... well, here we are, almost 24 hours later and $76 poorer (the airline did NOT comp. our stay at the wonderful Renaissance Hotel here in Denver) and still not home :( Our plan is to get out of here tonight on the 4:40 flight and safely home by 9 tonight. Some people's flights have already been cancelled and rescheduled for 7 pm THURSDAY night!! UGH, we really would like to leave today!! :)

I know it sounds like I am complaining, and maybe I am a little, but I am so grateful we were under the Lord's great and might wing of protection last night. I would rather have stayed here in the hotel than flown through the horrible snow storm. I am also so happy to have such a wonderful husband who let me sit inside in my wheelchair while he waited for about 45 minutes for our shuttle. :) We really couldn't stop laughing about all that was happening! Oh, what a night.

Please be praying we make it back tonight safely. We trust the Lord will be taking care of us. Also, please be praying for the FH's DNOW weekend this weekend. Rally is tonight, and sadly, matt will not be able to join in the excitement. We are praying hearts are transformed and turned towards Christ.

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  1. I got stuck at the denver airport hotel, too, but it could have been worse being stuck at the airport. Cheers.